Board of Directors

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Ako Sarah Magno

President / Japan Region Director

Image Consultant Dani

Dani Yu

China Region Vice Director

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Shoko Nakazono

Japan Region Vice Director

Image Consultant Amy

Amy Wang

Vice President / China Region Director

Image Consultant Scarlet

Scarlet Zhang

Creative & Design Head

Image Consultant Ayumi

Ayumi Shimada

Education Head

Image Consultant Teana

Teana Guo

Secretary Head

Image Consultant Maki

Maki Koyama

Membership Head


Asia-Pacific Image Consultants Association (APIC) is an international association of image professionals in Asia. An organization that is devoted to uplifting the image consulting standards. APIC certifies consultants through a program that will measure not only their basic and advanced knowledge but also their practical integration and application of such knowledge. The rigorous program ensures that only deserving consultants are selected. Through this, APIC will not only lead the advancement of the image consulting industry standards but will also help individuals and companies in their image consulting needs. 

1.    To be the first choice as Image Consultants Association in Asia.

2.    To be the leading provider of image consultant training and education.

3.    To create a platform for prospective clients to find "real" professional image consultants.